naturally boost energy
Sep 02

Four Easy, Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

By Margaret Martinez | Healthcare

You know how great you feel on days when you are literally bursting with extra energy. You have that extra bounce in your step, your spirits are soaring and you easily accomplish all that needs to get done and have extra energy to spare. In contrast, there are days when you feel so low on energy that all you want to do is snuggle in bed and wish you could leave the daily chores for another day. There are myriad factors that determine your energy levels, they range from your dietary choices, the amount of exercise you get or don’t on a regular basis, as well as causes such as anemia or dehydration. There several natural ways to boost your energy levels, these do not involve any major lifestyle changes. Here’s a look at some of them.Continue reading

painful gums
Aug 26

Taking Care Of Painful Gums

By Margaret Martinez | Dentistry

Pain in the gums results from gum disease called periodontal disease. It is a chronic illness which can lead to several health issues from mild inflammation to severe damage to gums and eventually cause teeth loss when it remains untreated. Furthermore, painful gums might affect your general health and researchers have linked it to an enhanced risk of stroke and heart disease.

Periodontal infection develops in the space between teeth and your gum. It causes tissue damage and inflammation which might eventually make the gums recede. Gum pains become more severe with the depth of “pockets” or the excess space which form when gum tissue starts to recede.Continue reading

professional waxing products
Aug 24

Types of Face and Body Waxes Used in Salons

By Margaret Martinez | Uncategorized

Waxing is a fast and effective hair removal method with results that last three to six weeks on average. There are two main types of professional waxing products used at most salons and spas, including hard and soft. The type of wax used will primarily depend on the area of skin in which you’re waxing, as well as personal preference. Both hard wax and soft wax have advantages and downfalls.Continue reading

geriatric physical therapy
Aug 19

Physical Therapy in Geriatric Patients

By Margaret Martinez | Healthcare

As we get older, our body starts to face many different problems related to the general health. Many of the body’s functions decrease and as a result, there are different conditions related to old age. Arthritis, hip replacement, Alzheimer’s, stroke, incontinence, and Osteoporosis are just an example of the conditions which are usually related to old age. Luckily, the different types of geriatric physical therapy can help treat all of those problems and relieve the symptoms, making the everyday life easier for the elderly. Physical therapy helps by improving the symptoms, increasing the mobility, improving the strength and balance of the body and helps the elderly to remain active. Geriatric Physical therapy will not only treat these conditions and problems, but it will also prevent further problems as well.Continue reading

Aug 08

Face Shield: Can it be the All-In-One Solution for your Earloop Facemask?

By Margaret Martinez | Dentistry

In the Dental Care industry, practitioners are in constant contact with hazardous microorganisms.  Blood and saliva, which are a regular aspect of any type of dental therapy, are carriers and transmitters of disease.  Dental therapy creates vapors, droplets, and particles that can then spread those diseases and make them airborne.  As a result, the CDC and other agencies have worked to put protection regulations in place to help maintain not only the personal safety of those working in the dental office, but also the safety of those they come in contact with.  Regulations and best practices surrounding face masks fall under PPE, or personal protective equipment, and dictate what should be worn.

Over the years since PPE regulations first came into existence, there have been many advances in available products to help satisfy the need for proper protection.  Earloop masks with face shields were one of these advances.  In the case of this item, the shield is part of the earloop face mask and worn as one contiguous piece.  This then begged the question, could this be the all in one solution to eye and face protection?  The CDC answers this question clearly with a no, yet they still highly recommend the option as part of your PPE line up.

Why is a face mask with a shield not enough?

The CDC requires protective eyewear, however in addition to guarding against splatter, the eyewear is also meant to protect against the potential for impact.  A face shield alone is not sturdy enough to withstand hazardous impact.  However, the face shield does keep protective eyewear from being contaminated and blocks splatter from all possible routes of entry.  When treating a patient, studies have shown that there is about a two foot splash and splatter zone when an ultrasonic scaler or prophy cup is used.  This means that the area from about the hip to the top of the head of the practitioner, and everything two feet left and right of the patient is exposed to splatter.  Additionally, drilling generates debris traveling up to 50mph.  That debris contains everything from tooth enamel to broken dental burs, and blood borne pathogens.  All of this can enter the practitioner’s space in up to three different directions – frontal entry, right towards the practitioners face; sideways, entry routes from the left or right side of the practitioner; or finally through bottom gaps, either coming up through an opening in the eyewear or the facemask.

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Further studies have shown that the areas with the highest probability of contamination, and therefore in need of the most protection, are the areas around the nose but most especially the corners of the eye.  The only combination of PPE that fully protected these sensitive areas, were when an earloop mask with face shield was worn in conjunction with protective eyewear.  The face shield prevented access of the splatter through the bottom gaps of the protective eyewear.

Another important discovery to keep in mind is that periodontal treatment, more so than prosthetic treatments, lead to higher levels of contamination.  This is as a result of more bleeding and soft tissue irritation during scaling and the use of the ultrasonic scaler only leads to greater production of these particles.  This means that the most common tasks and duties performed in a dental office are creating the greatest risk and therefore a practicioner’s PPE should be maximized to safeguard all those involved.  Although the face shield addition to your facemask won’t prevent the need to have safety glasses, it should still be an important part of your inventory.

chicago assisted living
Jul 28

4 Things You Likely Didn’t Know About Assisted Living

By Margaret Martinez | Uncategorized

Assisted living communities, with their wide range of programs and amenities, provide a safe and convenient form of senior housing for adults who can live independently, but require some level of assistance. Seniors in assisted living facilities often need help with day-to-day tasks, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and eating. While most people understand the basics of what assisted living is, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few things you may not have known about assisted living.

  1. Not All Senior Facilities are Made Equal

    chicago assisted livingMany people have the misconception that all senior communities are basically the same. However, these facilities can greatly differ in terms of size, quality and access to programs, amenities and activities. Some have a small personal care staff, while others have a skilled nursing staff and other professionals on-site. If you’re considering a move to an assisted living community, be sure to shop around before making a decision.

  2. You Can Bring Your Pet with You

    Many seniors are hesitant about making the move to an assisted living facility because they don’t want to leave their pet behind. Today, the majority of senior communities allow animals, including cats, dogs, birds and fish. However, senior living communities have different policies regarding weight and breed, so it’s important to do your research.

  3. It Is Affordable

    While the cost of assisted living varies by location and level of care, this service is typically more affordable than most would think. While the initial monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment may seem expensive, most don’t consider the number of features and amenities included in the monthly rent fee, such as nursing care, round-the-clock security, and access to on-site beauty salons, banks and other conveniences.

  4. They’re Not the Same as Nursing Homes

    Nursing homes have a bad rap and their connection to assisted living facilities put both types of senior housing in a negative light. While neither is ‘bad’, Chicago assisted living communities typically operate different than your standard nursing home. Assisted living residents are primarily independent and mobile. While nursing home patients generally have a single or semi-private room, residents in assisted living often live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

    Many seniors choose to move to an assisted living community when they’re ready to downsize. Assisted living facilities offer seniors direct care, while still allowing them to maintain their independence and privacy. If you’re considering a move to an assisted living community, it’s important to fully understand what it entails.

Jun 22

The role of healthcare assistant

By Margaret Martinez | Healthcare

Healthcare assistant’s role in one of the most important among the medical personnel. It doesn’t matter if it works in the hospital or at healthcare center, healthcare assistant has to be guided by the professional. His role may vary depending on the working conditions and where he is employed. Healthcare assistant has to be competent and working alongside and in a team of high qualified experts, it has to be ethical and eliminate discrimination.

-medical-supplies-droneEvery healthcare assistant first needs to discuss his role with an employer; he needs to know what to expect on that working position. He needs to know his right and obligations. In any case, he mustn’t perform any role he isn’t trained of qualified.

Each employer is obligated to provide healthcare assistant the right on education and training so that his services may improve over the time. And what are the key elements of basic practice: assistant needs to know how to handle life and death situations, how to support life, how to move and handle a patient and to protect from dangerous situations adults and children.

Assistant needs to find a most efficient way to identify and resolve problems that are presented to him, by his superiors or patients. He needs to understand how the team works and work alongside.

SM - iStock_8112453XXXLarge - Health CareMost common duties that will improve assistant healthcare experience:

Showering and dressing of elderly and disabled people, in most cases they won’t be able to do it by themselves so that they will need assistance. Making sure that they are receiving a proper diet and feeding them, helping them to mobilize and accompanying them to the toilet. In some cases, depending on the illness, they won’t be able to go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet, so healthcare assistant will have to use a supportive tool. Making their beds and help them feel more comfortable and monitoring patient’s health, taking his temperature, pulse, weight and other bodily functions. If the patients are mobile, and they need some assistance, for example going to the store and buying them nail care supplies, you don’t have an obligation to do that, but it would be a human thing to do.

There are certain ways on how you can improve your role

-Nail-Salon-Equipment-and-SuppliesElderly people don’t ask too much; they need someone who will assist them on a daily basis and help them overcome the condition in which they are currently are. Work on your patient and compassion because those are the two biggest values of healthcare assistant. Elderly people sometimes just need someone to talk to because maybe their relative are away, or they have a hard time going outside. Be patient and full of understanding, give them few minutes of your time, you never know that new you can learn.

Be ethical and professional. Your professionalism must be above all; you need to be certain that you can provide proper health care because in these line of business one small mistake might be someone’s life. Have highly built ethical standards because without them; you aren’t the right person for this job.

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